Information about CBD

Cold Blood Divers are a bunch of divers who love diving, almost more than anything else. We dive when ever we get a chance and we love to video-capture while doing so.

This site is a chance for everyone to experience and see what we do, and find out more about diving and the life beneath the surface.

A part of what we hope to do is to inform and teach about how great a place the ocean is, and how important it is to make sure that it is preserved. 
While diving we seem to have only fun, but we are very much aware of our surroundings and that we are only guests in the liquid element. 

Marine-life does not need the humans, actually the inhabitants of the oceans are better of without us and industrial overfishing. 
Also read more about project-aware on “” where divers work to conserve the underwater enviroments.

So enjoy our videos and help keep the oceans clean from garbage, so that future generations have a place to dive and swim, without having to be affraid of toxic water. 

As we dive we try to live after the quote “We bring nothing and leave only bubbles”. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our video´s and come back to visit our site soon again.

best regards 
Team Cold Blood Divers